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About Satellite DTH TV in India

Videocon D2H DTH plans and price

Videocon has the distinction of being the first DTH company to have recently introduced a 4K DTH TV Ultra HD Channel for the first time in India. What 4K DTH channel is explained on our page on 4K DTH. Videocon has been a trend setter even in the past when they introduced a 3D Channel on their DTH service. Videocon also has superior technology built into their DTH service by having MPEG-4 with DVB S2

Videocon d2h is one of the 7 DTH Operators in India. Videocon DTH uses the Singapore Tel Satellite ST-2 at 88° East for its transmissions. Videocon DTH makes use of the latest technologies for its DTH transmission - MPEG-4 with DVB S2 ( please see our page MPEG-2 Vs. Mpeg-4). As of May 2011 VideoconD2H has over 3 Million Subscribers.

Videocon has the distinction of being the one and only transmitter of a 3D Channel in full HD. They were showing on their Channel 999 the 2012 Wimbledon Tennis match between Raphael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in 3D. It was a fantastic match especially when you watch it on 3D. Now this service has been stopped, but you never know when they could restart it.

The Videocon group is the largest Electronic Consumer goods manufacturer in India and is an Indian Multinational Company with interests all over the world. The Group has a turnover of about 6 Billion Dollars a Year. They are the world's 3rd largest producer of Television Tubes.

North India Videocon DTH packages

  1. Super Gold Pack @ 241 per month with 341 Channels & Services
  2. Gold Maxi @ 270 per month with 344 Channels & Services
  3. New Gold Sports Pack @ 325 per month with 356 Channels & Services
  4. New Diamond Pack @ 385 per month with 405 Channels & Services
  5. Platinum Pack @ 445 per month with 413 Channels & Services
  6. Platinum HD Pack @ 590 per month with 442 Channels & Services

South India Videocon DTH packages

  1. South Silver @ 190 per month with 307 Channels & Services
  2. South Silver Maxi @ 220 per month with 310 Channels & Services
  3. South Silver Sports @ 250 per month with 316 Channels & Services
  4. New South Gold @ 241 per month with 387 Channels & Services
  5. South Gold Maxi @ 280 per month with 390 Channels & Services
  6. New South Gold Sports @ 325 per month with 401 Channels & Services
  7. New South Diamond Pack @ 385 per month with 434 Channels & Services
  8. South Platinum Pack @ 445 per month with 442 Channels & Services
  9. New South Platinum HD @ 590 per month with 475 Channels & Services

The channels included in the above Videocon TV packages can be verified by vising the Videocon DTH website for Videocon TV packages.

Videocon DTH 4K Ultra HD Channel

Videocon has 4K Ultra HD channel and clims to be the first DTH company in India to do this. They offer 4K Ultra HD channel free to 4K STB subscribers till 31st March 2015 on channel No. 999. 4K STB Subscribers will also be able to view select Cricket World Cup matches on Videocon DTH 4K Ultra HD channel in 4K TV on Videocon channel No. 999.

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