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Airtel DTH TV monthly plans and recharge offer prices for yearly and half yearly subscription plans

Latest Airtel DTH recharge plans are listed below with best offer prices. All the Airtel DTH offer prices below are inclusive of taxes. Airtel DTH free installation means only 10 metres of installation wire is included free and for extra lengths of installation wire Rs12- per meter will be charged. Given below are the best Airtel Digital TV recharge plans with best offer prices:

To see all channels currently available on Airtel TV vist our page with the complete list of channels on Airtel DTH

Channel Packages offered by Airtel TV

The Packages we have mentioned below were correct at the time of writing this. But packages plans of Airtel TV can change without notice, so please visit Airtel TV website for recharge plans.

  1. Airtel Mega Pack @Rs.560- per month: Offer price Rs.5650- for 12 months Mega Pack Subscription plus any two regional top-ups and free Installation
  2. South Magnum Pack @Rs.650/month: Offer price Rs.7390 for 12 months South Magnum Pack plus any two regional top-ups and free Installation
  3. South Mega Pack @Rs.570/month: Offer price Rs.6050 with 12months South Mega Pack plus any two regional top-ups and free Installation
  4. South Mega Pack @Rs.525/month: Offer price Rs.6190 with 12months South Mega Pack plus any two regional top-ups and free Installation

Airtel TV Wiki

Airtel Digital TV and Airtel Mobile Telephone services both are a part of the multi billion Bharati Airtel Group. Airtel Digital TV DTH Satellite service began operations on 8 October, 2008.

Airtel Digital TV has the advantage that it uses the latest technology in its DTH TV transmissions like MPEG-4 with DVB-S2, the best Satellite DTH technology to date. Airtel Digital TV signals are broadcast from the SES-7 Satellite at 108.2°E and also the INSAT-4C Satellite at 74°E. Airtel DTH TV has 17 HD channels and 304 ordinary TV channels, and more channels are being added regularly. A table listing all Channels of Airtel DTH is given on our page All Channels on Airtel DTH. Airtel DTH has a HD recordable Set top box, which is considered one of the best among all the DTH providers in India. The Airtel Digital TV HD recorder has some unique functions like Automatic Favourites setting, Search for Genre type programs and Category sort.

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