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DTH stands for 'Direct-to-Home' Satellite Broadcast TV. The term DTH TV in India is more popular than Satellite TV. The rest of the world calls it Satellite Television. We hope to answer the widely asked questions "How does Satellite TV work?" or "How does DTH work?", we aim to be your DTH Wiki.

Which is better Cable TV or DTH

When you have a DTH connection the TV signals are coming straight from the satellite to your satellite dish and through a short cable from the satellite dish to your set top box and then straight to the TV through the video in and sound in terminals of your TV. There is not much signal loss and you get very good picture and sound quality on the TV with DTH.

Cable TV operators also receive DTH signals through a satellite dish and then distribute the signals through long cables to your house. There is a lot of signal loss in the long distribution cables of the Cable TV operators. Most of the cable TV operators do not have digital services and the signal arrives in your TV by RF signals, which need TV tuning to different channels. You can never get as good a quality of picture or sound like DTH TV with Cable TV.

One of the main advantages of DTH TV is that there is no need of any cables from the outside for Satellite Digital TV reception. Direct-to-Home DTH signal from Geosynchronous Satellite received by DTH Satellite Dish brings the TV picture. Only a short cable from your DTH Satellite Dish to the Set Top Box or STB which decodes the compressed satellite TV signals and shows the picture on TV. The DTH connection cost is the same all over India, even in the most rural and remotest parts of India.

Dishflix Movies Video on Demand VOD services in India

Now in India DTH TV is going to get much more exciting. India is soon set to have many Video on Demand (VOD) services in india. DishTV's 'Dish flix' VOD service was launched on 18 August 2015 with the tagline “India's first home video system”.

The advantage of Dishflix Movies Video on demand service is that you get a DishFlix box, which is a hard disk recorder and player, pre-loaded with 50 ad-free movies which you can see at any time, any number of times. Out of these 50 Dishflix movies, 15 movies will be deleted automatically and replaced with new 15 movies every month. The process of deletion and adding new movies into the Dish flix box from satellite download is completely automatic. The movies being deleted will be from the top of the list of Dishflex movies and new movies will be added at the bottom of the Dishflix movie list. So every 2 days on an average, the first movie on the Dishflix movie player will be deleted and a new movie loaded as the last movie on the list of movies in Dishflix. The cost of DishTV Dishflix box is Rs.5990- and monthly payment for Dish flix is Rs.100-.

Soon, before the end of 2015, we can expect the world leaders in streaming internet video like Netflix, Amazon, ErosNow, BBC Worldwide and Hooq to offer their services in India over Satellite as Direct to Home DTH. All these Companies have already announced that they will be starting their services in India. Most probably each of these famous internet streaming video services company will tie up with any of the existing DTH Companies like Airtel, Reliance, Tata-Sky, Videocon, etc.

Internationally all of these companies offer their Video on Demand services over the internet, but in India it is not practical for streaming internet videos because of the high cost of broadband services. Satellite DTH service in India is highly advanced with multi-million subscribers and the easiest route for them to enter into the lucrative Indian market is by the DTH route.

Indian TV Satellites list

Indian DTH Satellites are Insat-4A, Insat-4B , Insat-4C, NSS-6 and Singapore Tel ST-2 in geo-synchronised orbits around the earth at a height of 36,000Km above the equator as explained in detail on our page 'DTH Basics'. Signals from these satellites are received by the small dish installed at the customers premises.

Best DTH to buy in India

This is the most important question for people wanting to get a DTH connection in India. We have several pages which makes this decision easier. Visit our pages Comparing DTH services in India and our page on Reviewing DTH services in India and about DTH HD channels in India.

Quality of DTH TV reception

The quality of DTH TV reception depends greatly how well the dish antenna has been aligned to the satellite. There are also several other important factors which will influence the quality of the reception of DTH TV. These are discussed in detail on our pages on Basics of DTH TV and about TV signal compression technologies like MPEG-2 Vs MPEG-4.

DTH dish direction or position

To receive DTH TV you must position DTH Dish Antenna in the direction of the DTH Satellite. DTH without Dish is not possible. The installation of DTH Dish Antenna or DTH Satellite Dish on your roof is best left to DTH Dish Antenna Installers. A DTH satellite Dish Antenna installation is a skilled job and you need expert Satellite Dish Installers to do the job.

The DTH dish should be aimed directly at the DTH satellite to get clear and strong signals. So if in a flat, your balcony must facing towards the satellite of the DTH service you are subscribing to. The DTH Dish direction for a dish installation in your house or flat depends on your geographical location and the Satellite direction. The best way to find the direction of the DTH satellite is to refer to the map of DTH satellites we have provided on our page on Dish Direction for Indian Satellite TV Channels

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