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DTH Satellite TV Channels in India

Dish antenna direction for Indian satellite DTH TV channels

To receive Indian satellite TV channels you must position the Dish Antenna in the direction of the satellite signals of Indian TV channels. The best place for installation of Dish Antenna for Indian TV channels is on the roof top, but it can also be placed on a balcony which faces the direction of the Indian TV channels satellite signals.

The dish antenna should be aimed directly at the Indian TV Satellite to get clear and strong signals. See the drawing here to get an idea of the direction of the Satellites broadcasting Indian TV shows. From this drawing you will get an idea as to which direction the dish antenna should face to get TV signals from the Indian satellites.

India TV satellites name and directions

Balcony direction for Indian Satellite TV dish antenna installation

The diagram above will help in determining in which direction the balcony and dish should be facing to receive Indian Satellite digital TV. The best direction for the balcony is to face the South side in most places in India. In India, the Airtel Digital TV satellite will be towards the South Western side and DishTV satellite direction will be to the South Eastern side. If the balcony is facing South, then you should be able to get one of the Indian DTH channels, either DishTV or Airtel TV or TataSky or SunTV.

The DishTV DTH direction of its satellite NSS-6 is at longitude 95 degrees East and over the equator. The Airtel DTH dish direction will be almost due south anywhere in India. In the Diagram at the top of this page, you can see the direction of DTH dish required for all the DTH services in India.

To get Indian TV channels in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Muscat, Doha, and other GCC Middle East countries, the best direction for the balcony and dish to get Indian Satellite TV channels like Dish-TV, SunTV or Airtel-TV in is to have a balcony facing towards the East slightly oriented to the South.

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