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DTH Satellite TV Channels in India

DD Direct+ Doordarshan DTH, DD Direct+ DTH

DD Direct+ is the DTH service of Doordarshan, the Indian Government owned Broadcasting Corporation. DD Direct+ is a Free to Air (FTA) Service, which means that anyone in India can fit a small dish Antenna and receive the TV pictures for free, instead of paying the monthly fees charged by other DTH services. DD Direct+ now offers 57 television and 23 radio channels.

The most watched channel of DD Direct+ Doordarshan DTH is the sports channel, DD sports especially when there is a cricket match where the Indian Cricket team is playing an international match in India. DD sports broadcasts live action cricket whenever the Indian team play in India and it is a free to air live broadcast.

To quote from the DD Direct website " Doordarshan, the national broadcaster in India, at present has a network of more than 1400 transmitters spread throughout the country and its signals are available to about 90%  (DD1) and 43% (DD-News) population of country. The prime duty of any national public service broadcaster is to make the programmes of national importance available to all its people and nationals. It was estimated that the coverage of remaining 10 % population with terrestrial (single channel) broadcast would cost enormously. Besides that, setting up of terrestrial transmitters in the uncovered areas would have taken a number of years (10 to 15 years). Also, operation of terrestrial transmission would have required a huge manpower (a few thousand persons).

With the fast developments taking place in Satellite Broadcasting, it is but natural that Doordarshan has also come up with an alternative to get the required reach with an alternate technology option “Ku-band broadcasting” which is envisaged for the coverage of remaining population. This is a much  cheaper  and  economical  option as compared  to the coverage through Terrestrial transmitters........"

DD Direct+ Satellite direction

The DD Direct+ satellite is Insat 4B in the direction 93.5°E.

DD Direct+ Transponder Frequencies

DD Direct+ Channels are transmitted on the high power Ku-band transponders of Indian Satellite INSAT-4B at 93.5º E. The tuning frequencies are as follows:

DD Direct+ Transponder Frequencies
Transponder Up/Down Polarization Uplink freq. (MHZ) Downlink freq. (MHZ) LNB Frequency Symbol Rate(MHZ) FEC
C13 (36 MHz) H/V 14040 10990 9750 27.5 3/4
C15 (36 MHz) H/V 14120 11070 9750 27.5 3/4
C17 (36 MHz) H/V 14200 11150 9750 27.5 3/4
C 19 (36 MHz) H/V 14290 11490 9750 27.5 3/4
C 21 (36 MHz) H/V 14370 11570 9750 27.5 3/4

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