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What is 4K Ultra HD DTH, 4K DTH Wiki

4K Ultra HD DTH technology delivers 4 times the picture resolution than a 1080p Full HD. There is four times the number of pixels in the same size screen than a normal 1080p HD TV. 4K Ultra HDTV has 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high to make the total pixel count of 8.3 megapixels. This is four times the pixels count on a normal HD TV of 1920x1080 pixels which totals to 2.1 megapixels. Hence the picture quality of 4K DTH is much better than a normal HD TV.

The higher pixel density of 4K enables you to sit much closer to the TV and you will not see that small mosquito-net like pixel grid structure on the TV screen. This allows you to watch a giant 55 inch TV or 65 inch TV or even larger TVs sitting up close to the TV, which gives a much more realistic experience of you being really being inside the scenes playing on the TV screen.

Watching a cricket match sitting close to a 4K DTH is so good that it is difficult to describe. For more on 4K TV technology visit our website

How much better is 4K HDTV than a normal HDTV

This is a highly debatable subject and many are of the view that a 4K TV is not that much better than an ordinary HDTV when you watch TV sitting at a distance of more than 1.5 times the diagonal screen size of TV. For example, if you are watching a 60 inch TV from a distance of say 8 feet, then you cannot make out the difference between an HDTV and 4K TV. The video below is a good to understand the difference between 4K and HDTV.

Difference between 4K and HDTV

4K TV content in India

One of the major drawbacks of 4K ultra HDTV was the availability of 4K Ultra HD TV content. But now this is changing with Videocon alrady starting 4K transmissions on their DTH service on channel No.199. Videocon DTH have started transmitting some of the 2015 ICC world cup match fixtures in their 4K Ultra High Definition DTH channel. When India is playing, you can be sure that VideoconD2H DTH will have that game in their 4K Ultra High Definition DTH channel No.199.

Tata Sky also has 4K DTH. Soon all the other DTH services in India too will have 4K Ultra High Definition DTH channels. So the future of 4K Ultra High Definition DTH TV in India looks promising.

4K TVs price in India

Many people in India have put off their decision to buy 4K Ultra High Definition UHD TV because of the lack of 4K TV content. But this is fast changing in India. Also most 4K UHD TVs are capable of up-scaling standard HDTV pictures to play as ultra 4K pictures on UHD TVs. Also with the demand picking up for 4K TVs the prices will soon start falling in India.

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